Advising and counseling services



  • We use a combination of court suits, informing workers about the use of small claims court and government agencies proceedings, we informally complaint and advocate on behalf of workers that have been denied wages or suffered exploitation at work, or have been victims of discrimination.

  • When conditions so require we would solicit lawyers and legal advisers to provide a complete representation before government agencies and courts.

  • We coordinate legal strategies with workers action committees, through protests, leafleting and draw the attention of the media and other methods to put pressure on unscrupulous employers



Education and outreach

  • Preventing outrageous exploitation of workers is not easy, knowing their rights and civic participation is an educational process, which we offer through courses, workshops and printed and audiovisual educational materials and outreaching the community through public complaints through print media and propaganda.

  • Our popular education proposal goes beyond conventional education. We try to convert the interest of their individual problems into a process of solidarity and consciousness to develop leadership gradually leading to expand its economic, political and social powers.

  • Taking into account that a high percentage of our community has some limitations, we plan to put in their hands not only printed material, but audiovisual aids, and we will give geometrical projection networks to be introduced into their nuclear family and friends.


Web & Communications Intern

DEJUS CENTER seeks an enthusiastic intern to provide support with web content creation, uploading, maintenance,  and social media. The intern will work closely with our Communications Coordinator to carry out basic duties such as website maintenance and integration of new social media tools. The intern will also contribute to streamlining our communications efforts to ensure consistency across all platforms. Finally, the intern will be a team-player, and contribute to meeting the day-to-day needs of the Global Workers office.

This is a great opportunity to contribute your creative skills and talents to our team!


 Civic participation




  • It would be no point to know our rights and the laws that govern our adopted nation if we do not participate in the cultural and political life of the United States of America.

  • This part of the project deals with keeping the immigrant community informed on political processes at all levels and to exercise the right to vote.

  • The need to expedite the standardization process, citizenship and support of a comprehensive immigration reform, as our community’s future voting base.

  • Encourage our youth about the need to take part in political activites, by voting and the exercising leadership to fulfills equal opportunities and conditions so a percentage of these elected offices and public offices are in Latinos hands, we are now part of the nation.



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